Marc Leepson on the airwaves:

 Marc's September 13, 2014, live appearance on CBS's  This Morning Saturday, talking about Francis Scott Key 
 June 26, 2014, talk on Francis Scott Key at the National Archives 
June 29, 2017, appearance on the "Imus in the Morning" radio show on Ballad of the Green Beret
Listen on line or download the podcast of the Studio 360 fall 2010 program on Monticello featuring Marc Leepson on the post-Jefferson history of the house on NPR
 January 31, 2012, talk on the Marquis de Lafayette at the University of Mary Washington  Great Lives Lecture Series
 Re-edited July 2014 version of Marc's November 2, 2007, tour of the Monocacy Battlefield and Fort Stevens in Washington, D.C., the subject of Desperate Engagement, on C-SPAN's web site.
July 5, 2015, talk on Saving Monticello at the National Museum of American Jewish Military History in Washington, D.C.